"Mom doesn't even know I have the car!"

- Mark, while crying

Mark is a teenager who, along with his friends Eddie and Tim, is involved in a hit-and-run, that results in the death of Cherie Davidson.

Prior to 11:14 pm Edit

At 11:01 pm, Mark and Eddie arrive at Lloyd's Ezzz Stop convenience store. They arrive shortly after the store has closed but are let in by cashier, Duffy Nichols, after begging to allowed in. Inside, Mark purchases old donuts, while Eddie purchases beverages before the two leave.

Sometime after leaving Lloyd's, Mark and Eddie encounter Cheri near the cemetery at the center of town and attempt to hit on her. Mark realizes who she is and that she is Duffy's girlfriend. They tell her where Duffy is before she drives off.

Mark then picks up Tim at his home at 11:09 pm. They drive around throwing things outside the van's window. Mark throws an expired donut at Frank as he drives pass. As they head toward the center of town, Eddie begins peeing out of the back window. Mark begins hitting Eddie and stops paying attention to the road in front of him.

At 11:14, Mark strikes Cherie as she is crossing the street.

After 11:14 pm Edit

After hitting Cherie, Mark pleads for her to be alive. When Duffy pulls out his gun, Mark drives off. Duffy shoots up the vehicle as they flee the scene. When Tim forces Mark to pull over, Mark begins crying and jumps out of the van, screaming. Mark opens the back door and realizes Eddie is hurt. Initially believing Eddie had been shot, Tim directs Mark's attention to the bloody window and informs him that his penis had been chopped off and must be retrieved.

Mark insist that they need to take Eddie to the hospital, but Eddie refuses stating that he won't go without his penis. Mark rejects the idea of going back, but Tim insist. Mark stays behind while Tim retrieves the penis. When Tim returns, fleeing from the paramedics, Mark hastily takes off. As they drive over the bridge, Mark spots the Officer Hannigan arresting Jack Levine and worries that he'll notice them. Mark and Tim discuss going to the police as Duffy and the paramedics saw heir faces. Mark insists that they agree to lie and say that he never hit Eddie or took his eyes off the road. Eddie refuses to agree as it wasn't his fault. Mark stops the car and refuses to take Eddie to the hospital, until he agrees to lie, stating that he will let Eddie bleed out and die if he doesn't agree.Once Eddie says that Mark never hit him, Mark drives off to the hospital, thirteen miles away.

Trivia Edit

  • Mark is portrayed by actor Colin Hanks
  • His character wears a Sisqo t-shirt.
  • He tells Cherie that Duffy mowed his lawn.
  • He drives his mother's light blue Mitsubishi Delica.

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