Jack after his car is hit

Jack Levine (pronounced Luh-veen) is a character from the film 11:14. He is portrayed by Henry Thomas. 

Jack being arrested for driving without a license and for running over a person.


Three months prior to the accident, Jack's license was revoked for driving while under the influence. He has been in trouble with the law on numerous occasions and has detailed knowledge of law proceedings. He has been in a relationship with Cherie and believes he is the father of her baby. 


While heading home after drinking whiskey at Benny's, Jack has a brief conversation on the phone with an unknown woman. Shortly after entering the city of Middleton , at 11:14 , Jack's car is struck by a large object, causing him to swerve off the road. Initially believing he hit a deer, Jack exits his car to survey the damage and discovers that he has, infact, hit a man. 

Shortly after the crash, Jack encounters a woman passing by. The woman  lives up the nearby hill and, also believeing Jack has hit a deer, offers to call the police since the chief is a family friend. After the woman leaves, Jack has just enough time to wrap the body in tarp and hide it in his trunk before Officer Hannigan  arrives. Officer Hannigan (correctly) suspects that Jack has been drinking and when Jack fails to show him his license, Hannigan asks Jack to submit to a breathalyzer. Jack refuses, instead wishing to conduct a sobiety test. Officer Hannigan has Jack recite the alphabet backwards, which he does successfully, however after a background check, Hannigan discoveres Jack's past DUI and places him under arrest using plastic ties since his handcuffs were all being used. 

After being placed under arrest, Officer Hannigan finds blood on the car and discovers that the "deer" hit by Jack was actually a man by the name of Aaron Lewis. Hannigan attempts to read Jack his Miranda Rights but Jack waivers them, stating he is sick of hearing them.

While Hannigan attempts to coax the other arrested occupants of his car, a woman and a man, Jack escapes, cutting the plactic tie around his wrist with a pair of pliers hidden in his back pocket. Jack runs up the nearby hill and Hannigan runs after him, allowing the woman and man to escape as well. Jack briefly loses Hannigan, hiding behind a log pile of a nearby home but his loud noises causes a dog to bark, attracting the attention of the owner of hte house: the woman Jack encountered earlier. The woman is looking for her husband, Frank who has gone off to look for the deer that Jack hit, believing it has run off into the woods. The woman, who is very distraught,  informs Jack that she has just received a call from Chief Garvey, informing her that her only child has been hit by a car. Jack immediately believes that the woman is Aaron's mother and his guilty face leads to the woman to believe that the deer Jack hit was inact her child. 

After Officer Hannigan catches up to Jack and the woman hits him on the head with a flashlight, Jack runs into a nearby cementary where he trips on a bowling ball with the name Duffy and his caught by Officer Hannigan. It is revealed that the woman had a daughter, therefore, Jack was not the person who hit her. It is never revealed what happens to Jack. 

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